Blog Title

I’ve changed the name of this blog so many times.  It’s driving me crazy. 

 Too cutsie, too personal, too weird, too morbid.  I have all these ideas…but nothing looks right at the top of the page.  I didn’t think it would be so hard.  I should’ve known though.  I can’t even decide on a purse…or a watch…or an ice cream flavor. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  I hate them.  I want the choice, but not the pressure. 

 I’m so annoying.  I annoy myself. 

Poor Puppy

I’m having our “foster” puppy neutered today.  My son told him that no matter what happens today…he’s still a man.  

  I guess guys have to stick together.  🙂


Real Life…

 I love to read blogs about real life, but I I just hate it when I feel like my life stinks when I finish reading.  I want to be inspired and encouraged, but sometimes…I like to read about the rough stuff.   Some writers make their “world” seem so perfect.  So neat and clean and spectacular. 

I want to know that other people stumble and fall flat on their faces just like I do. 

I want to know that their kids and husband drive them nuts sometimes.   I want to know that they don’t always have a picture perfect home, and sometimes wish they could throw up their hands and say I quit!  I want to know that they get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and wonder what happened!…I want to it to be real…and sometimes real is ugly…and funny…and depressing. 

I was subscribed to a few blogs that were beautiful…but made me feel rotten.   I hate feeling rotten. 

I’m not a perfect wife.  I’m not a perfect Mom.  I get mad and blow my stack.  I don’t feel like running into the kitchen throwing daisies and fluttering around in my apron while cooking supper.  Supper usually gives me a headache.  I’d much rather load everyone up and go out…but that’s not often possible, because of money…or the lack thereof.  Not saying this is a good thing about me…just a true thing.  I want my house to always be spotless and all the laundry done.  I want to “want” to make my family healthy home cooked meals everyday, and can and freeze and preserve.   I want the bills to be paid on time.  I want all my flowerbeds weeded and the dogs bathed and brushed. 

Lets just say…I’m working on it. 

If you want to share my real life…the good, the bad, and the ugly… Stick around.    🙂