Marci 101

Here are some things about me…101 to be exact.  Enjoy…

1.  My name is Marci…with an I. 

2.  My middle name is Don, after my grandpa.

3.  My favorite color is pink.

4.  I like to write my name on everything.

5.  I have 3 dogs in my house.

6.  Warm weather is my favorite.

7.  I wish I lived near the ocean.

8.  Circus Peanuts make me puke.

9.  I almost drowned as a kid…but my brother saved my life.

10.  I have one brother.

11.  I love Paul Newman. 

12.  I drink chocolate milk everyday.

13.  I like to write poetry.

14.  I can play the piano.

15.  I was Homecoming Queen when I was in High School.

16.  I’ve been married twice.

17.  I hate mice and rats, except for Stewart Little and Jerry.

18.  Greasy foods usually make me sick.

19.  I adore Wild Sweet Williams. 

20.  Summer is my favorite season.

21.  My Great-Grandfather was a Moonshine Bootlegger.

22.  My Great-Grandmother smoked a pipe.  I wish I could’ve met her. 

23.  My Grandfather fought in WWII.

24.  I heard him crying out in his dreams when I stayed the night at his house.  He suffered from post-traumatic stress for 50 years.

25.  He ended his life when I was 24.

26.  Most of the men in my family were coal miners.

27.  I had a stay-at-home mom.

28.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom.

29.  I have 2 teenagers.  🙂 

30.  I didn’t finish college.

31.  My major was Elementary Education

32.  I’ve homeschooled my children.

33.  I love to go camping.

34.  I love to crochet.

35.  My birthday is in June.

36.  I wish Christmas wasn’t so commercialized.

37.  I wish I had dimples…that weren’t on my legs.  😦

38.  I like to watch storms.

39.  I hate horror movies.

40.  Weird people are drawn to me.

41.  I’m having a hard time with my children growing up.

42.  I’m married to a wonderful guy who is my very best friend. 

43.  My first marriage was a crazy mess.  We were immature, selfish, and mean. 

44.  I don’t like self-centered people.

45.  I don’t like bullies.

46.  I think snobby people are jerks.

47.  I love to read.

48.  I have an obsession with crossword puzzles

49.  I’m scared of heights.

50.  Speaking of height…I’m 5’4″.

51.  I got up at like 4 am when I was 11 years old to watch Charles and Diana’s Royal Wedding.  I ate rainbow sherbet while I was watching. 

52.  Sometimes I avoid people I really like, because I don’t want to talk. 

53.  I like McDonalds.

54.  I wish my children could be little again…for just a day.  I’d love to hold them, and rock them to sleep.  I miss that.

55.  I skipped one day of high school and went to the mall with a friend.  My Mom knew it by the time I got home.  Trust me…I never did it again. 

56.  I’ve always hated my freckles. 

57.  I love baths.

58.  I grind my teeth at night.

59.  I loved Laverne and Shirley. 

60.  I ate cat food once.  To get into a club.  It was me, my neighbor and her sister.  Dumb…very dumb. 

61.  I don’t like putting laundry away.

62.  I don’t like cantaloupe.

63.  I love black coffee.

64.  I have Fibromyalgia.

65.  I’m a book hoarder.

66.  I’ve never had a broken bone.

67.  I love Tom Bodett’s books.  (The guy for Motel 6…”We’ll leave the light on for ya”.)  He’s a wonderful author! 

68.  I’m obsessed with leaving notes for myself. 

69.  I stick post-it notes on the dash in my car.

70.  I love to work in my flower beds. 

71.  Working outside is therapy for me.

72.  I recently met a man who thinks he’s from another planet.  I’m dead serious.  He was one of the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to. 

73.  I think pawpaws are disgusting.  Have you ever eaten one?  Do you know what a pawpaw is? 

74.  I love wild mushrooms.  Fried in butter.  Breaded with flour.  Yum.  🙂

75.  I worry about my kids so much.  Sometimes I make up things to worry about.

76.  I want to draw closer to God. 

77.  I call my grandparents Mim and Pap.  Do you have special names for yours?

78.  Once, when I was a little girl…we went on vacation to an amusement park.  As soon as we got into the hotel…I puked in the air conditioner in our room.  🙂  True Story.  🙂

79.  I loved playing office and news reporter as a child. 

80.  I used to hide behind the couch at my grandparents house, and tape record their conversations.  It was even better when they had company!  Is that a felony or something?  🙂

81.  I loved the Sunshine Family!  The dolls were so cute!  Do you remember those?

82.  I refuse to use any crayons that are not Crayola!

83.  This will be the first year that we will have an artificial Christmas tree. 

84.  I LOVE office supplies! 

85.  As far as red meat, we only eat venison.  We’ve lived on it for the last 5 years. 

86.  One of my favorite things is to work outside…get a little hungry…walk over to the garden and pick a ripe tomato…warm from the sun…and eat it like an apple.  🙂  Oohh…makes me happy just to think about it.  🙂

87.  I’d love to have a farm. 

88.  I love horseback riding. 

89.  I have 3 Aunts who have beaten breast cancer.  ❤

90.  I went to college to be a teacher.  I dropped out after 3 years.  I’ve just never felt the need to go back. 

91.  My brother practiced law as a defense attorney for about 22 years.  He gave it up…to become a full-time minister.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s an amazing person.  <3. 

93.  My parents married when they were 17.  In a couple years…they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! 

94.  I would love to buy an RV and travel the country. 

95.  Before I die, I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone National Park.  Hint, Hint, Dear Husband of mine!!  🙂

96.  I’ve never been to a spa…but I’d love to go!

97.  I use indoor tanning beds…even though I know it’s bad.  😦

98.  I drink Diet Coke everyday. 

99.  My first job…aside from babysitting…was as a cashier at the local IGA. 

100.  I had my hair bleached blonde one time.  It was horrifying.  My head looked like a sunflower.  🙂

101.  I turned forty years old last year.  My mind says, “No way!”…then I look in the mirror.  Curse you mirror!!  :/


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